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信頼性を向上させる最も簡単な方法と修理の平均時間(MTBR)は、頻繁な重要なシステムチェックとプラント機器のメンテナンスを実行することです。 John Crane Equipment Serviceは、潜在的なリスクに対して、独立したシステムではなく顧客のプロセス全体を定期的に評価することにより、計画外の保守を制限し、不要な交換コストを削減します。メカニカルシール、シールサポートシステム、ろ過システム、流体力学ベアリング、動力伝達カップリングの取り外し、修理、再設置についてもお勧めします。
The simplest way to increase reliability and Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR) is to perform frequent critical systems checks and plant equipment maintenance. John Crane Equipment Service helps limit unplanned maintenance and eliminate unnecessary replacement costs by regularly evaluating its customers' entire processes ? rather than isolated systems ? for potential risks. We also advise on removal, service and reinstallation of mechanical seals, seal support systems, filtration systems, hydrodynamic bearings and power transmission couplings.

計画外のシャットダウン中に当社のサービスを実行して、機器をバックアップして迅速に稼働させるか、または計画されたメンテナンス中にプロセスを最適化し、シャットダウンウィンドウを達成することができます。私たちの修理プロセスは製品を元の仕様に戻します。修理、改装またはメンテナンスが完了すると、John Caneはマシンをオンラインに戻すための試運転サポートを提供することもできます。
Our services can be performed during unplanned shutdowns to get equipment back up and running quickly, or during planned maintenance to optimize your process and achieve your shutdown window. And our repair process returns products to their original specifications.  Once repairs, refurbishments or maintenance are complete, John Cane can also provide commissioning support to bring the machine back online.

Many times, equipment failure is caused by improper installation or poor alignment. Due to the excessive vibration it can cause, inaccurate shaft alignment is one of the most common culprits of seal damage, bearing failure and coupling failure. John Crane engineers can assess the root cause of failure, alignment-related or otherwise, using the full set of diagnostic tools at their disposal:

  • レーザーアライメント:Laser alignment
  • 微分温度測定:Differential temperature measurement
  • 「適合した」アプリケーションデータバンク:“As-fitted” applications data bank

Scheduling timed, frequent health care checks can help uncover potential problems early so we can apply corrective or preventative measures to maximize uptime and restore reliability. We can also provide training on the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components. Our 200+ global rapid-response centers are available to provide remote or on-site assistance in the event of an unplanned shutdown.

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